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Our instructors have delivered advanced driver training within An Garda Siochána


Preferential safety can offer customers an advanced driving course with the option to take a Rospa assessment at the end of the course ,the aim is that you receive a gold standard.

3 day course designed for very experienced riders who already have a basic understanding of advanced riding techniques. The course is also ideal for IAM qualified individuals who wish to take their riding to the next level. Our instructors have delivered advanced driver training within An Garda Siochána

Designed specifically for those looking to take their riding skills beyond the average, this course has been put together by our team of expert instructors.
At the end of this course, we aim to bring your riding standard up to the level of a RoSPA Gold Standard, the highest civilian advanced motorcycle qualification within Ireland. As such, this course focuses on very fine detail aspects of riding technique, forward planning and control in all types of road condition.
Who will I train with?
You will be training with one of our Advanced instructors; these are our most senior trainers with extensive experience, specialising in advanced riding techniques. You will never be more than 2 students to an instructor at any time. All customers are attended to as individuals throughout the training, to make sure you're getting the most out of each session.
What is the course schedule like?
Course days start at 9am, and finish around 4pm.

During the course, the topic schedule is not fixed as we continually adjust this to meet the needs of each student, however the following gives an indication of what we'll cover during the course...

  • Full instructor assessment of your current skill level

  • Classroom theory sessions using ‘Roadcraft – The Police Riders Handbook’

  • Observation skills, forward planning and hazard perception

  • Consistent and appropriate use of position, gears, braking and speed in all types of road conditions

  • Mastering brisk and safe overtakes

  • Confident, fluid and smooth cornering

  • Precise slow control manoeuvres, including tight U-turns


3 Day Course + RoSPA

Call Preferential Safety on 087 695 0900 today to hear more on our comprehensive list of safety courses.

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