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Driving to Work Policy

Many traffic collisions that occur every year involve vehicles that are driven for work vehicles being used in a commercial capacity. For this reason, the RSA (Road Safety Authority) put in place a Driving to Work Policy. Vehicles that fall under the Driving to Work Policy include a vehicle that has been provided by an owner or a vehicle that is privately owned but for which the owner receives an allowance from their employer for distances driven.
Driving for work not only presents risks for the driver of the vehicle, but also to fellow colleagues and other road users, in addition to pedestrians. Many employers have appropriate policies in place to minimise risk and manage safety. An element of the Driving to Work policy is assessments to ensure the driver of the work vehicle is competent and careful. These assessments produce well trained drivers.

Preferential Safety’s Driver Assessments

Preferential Safety offer nationwide driver assessments under the Driving to Work Policy. In the event of an accident in a work related vehicle, the first thing insurance companies often look for is documentation that proves the driver of the vehicle underwent driving assessments in accordance to the Driving to Work policy. It is important to cover yourself as best you can by ensuring all your employees who drive vehicles as part of their work undergo the correct driver assessments.

As a chartered health and safety practitioner, Paddy Russell of Preferential Safety has the years of experience and vast expertise to offer driving assessments to all drivers using commercial vehicles on a nationwide basis.

Call us today on 087 695 0900 to hear more.

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