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The rigid truck, articulated truck, and coach lessons offered by preferential safety can equip drivers with the crucial skills and level of knowledge needed by those wishing to have a career in the driving of HGV's (Heavy Goods Vehicles). Here at Preferential Safety, we have years of experience in providing rigid truck , articulated truck, and coach lessons in Waterford. We can supply the necessary fully loaded vehicle for your rigid truck lessons and can offer you a reliable, safe and efficient training service. We can also supply the necessary fully loaded vehicle.

Jeep & Trailer Lessons

If you wish to tow a trailer that has a weight in excess of 750kg, you are required by law to hold a BE licence. A regular B licence allows a trailer weight of up to 750kg, so if are contemplating carrying more than this is your trailer it is imperative that you get a BE licence. This license is not only beneficial to those driving in a commercial capacity, but also private drivers, e.g. those in the equine community who may wish to tow horse boxes.

Preferential Safety can offer you a safe, comfortable environment in which to undertake rigid truck lessons or jeep and trailer lessons. We offer these services in Waterford.
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Here at Preferential Safety we provide the highest standard of training for Category D1 Mini Bus, Category D1E Mini Bus & Trailer, and Category D Coach.

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Call Preferential Safety today on 087 695 0900 to hear more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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