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What is ESDS 

(Emergency Services Driving Standard)?

ESDS is a driving standard for all emergency services drivers. The aim of ESDS is to create, promote and maintain a culture of safe and responsible driving for those behind the wheel of any emergency services vehicle. It also strives to reduce risks while making sure any patients and passengers on board are safe. ESDS focuses on various areas of driver competence including vehicle knowledge, rules of the road, vehicle control, risk management and professional driving. The scheme will improve the driver’s awareness, attitude and knowledge of the legal requirements.

ESDS Driver Training with Preferential Safety

Here at Preferential Safety, we have multitudes of experience in emergency vehicle driver training. Based in Co. Waterford, we offer lessons on a nationwide basis using blue light vehicles. The ESDS has three levels:

 ESDS Level 1

This is the entry level emergency services driving standard and lays out ground work and training that will result in learned, safe and capable drivers.

 ESDS Level 2

This level describes the training, learning and assessment for emergency service drivers and also includes the principles and skills set of “Roadcraft”.

 ESDS Level 3

This level sets out a series of principles and response tactics which are compatible with “Roadcraft” and focus on the driver’s approach towards emergency response driving.

To avail of Preferential Safety’s ESDS driver training, call us on

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