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Driver CPC Training

All drivers of large vehicles, like buses and trucks, are required to attend 35 hours worth of training every five years. This amounts to one day of training annually.
CPC training ensures the continued competency of large vehicle drivers.
CPC cards are not only required in Ireland, they are a Europe wide initiative. Preferential Safety offer the highest standard of driver CPC training to clients in Waterford and in the surrounding areas. To schedule a driver CPC course please get in contact with our customer service team today.

To book driver CPC training with our professional Waterford instructors, get in contact with us directly.

Driver CPC Courses Modules Provided By Preferential Safety

Module 1

This is the entry level emergency services driving standard and lays out ground work and training that will result in learned, safe and capable drivers.

Module 2

Strategies to help minimise risk and how to handle emergencies within the transportation industry

Module 3

Health and Safety run through for the professional large vehicle driver

Module 4

The role of the professional driver within the ever-evolving transportation industry

Module 5

Module dedicated the professional truck driver

Module 6

Module dedicated to the professional bus driver

To book your place in our Driver CPC Waterford course, get in contact with us directly.

Driver CPC Waterford

How long does driver CPC training take?

All lorry and bus drivers in Ireland and Europe are required to complete 35 hours of CPC training every 5 years. This usually amounts to one full day of CPC training a year.

Who needs CPC training?

If the main component of your job is driving a coach, bus or lorry you require CPC training. A professional driver without a Driver CPC will face fines.

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