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IBT (Motor Cycle Lessons)

At Preferential Safety, we provide IBT (Initial Basic Training) Since January 2013 its mandatory for new Motorcycle Learner Permit holders to attend and pass the IBT Training Course.

Module 1

Module 1 of IBT is concerned with both theory and practical skills. This training is completed in a classroom and in an off-road training area.

The module covers

Personal Protective Equipment
A full introduction to motorbike’s controls
Motorcycle technical checks
How to place a motorbike on and off a stand
How to properly walk alongside a motorbike
How to start and stop the motorbike's engine – this includes best practice training on how to safely mount and dismount the motorcycle

For information on how to book module 1 of Initial Basic Training contact us today.

Module 2

Module 2 is concerned with practical skills and will exclusively take place on a off-road training area. This is a 10-hour module and is designed around achieving 10 objectives.

Moving, stopping
Use of brakes
Use of gears
Slow riding
A figure of eight exercise
A U-Turn exercise
Slalom Exercise
Rear observation and practical use of the mirror
Turning in both directions
Emergency speed change, emergency stop.

To schedule an IBT module 2 training course, contact Preferential Safety today.

Module 3

This is a blended module that includes both practical exercises and a theory module

This module will include:

Legal Requirements
The rules of the road
How to be seen
Information on road surfaces
Lane position and road position
Rear observations and proper use of mirror
Reaction and anticipation training (how to deal with emergency vehicles)
Weather condition training
Rider fatigue information

To schedule an IBT module 3 training course, contact Preferential Safety today.

Module 4

This module takes place on the road. Radio headsets are used to keep the learner and instructor in contact at all times.

This is a 6-hour module and is built around eight objectives

Traffic Lights
Navigating Roundabouts
Safe Distance
Anticipation and reaction to hazards on the road
Pedestrian crossings, rail crossings

To schedule an IBT module 4 training course, contact Preferential Safety today.

Progression Module

This module is a repeat of Module 2 and module 4. Additional topics are also added in line with the riders expected skill level.

Rider’s transitioning from an automatic to a manual bike can complete this module, without having to complete every module again.

This model covers:

Moving Off & Stopping
Use of brakes
Use of gears
Slow riding exercise
Figure of eight exercise
U-turn exercise
Slalom exercise
Rear observation and mirror work
Turning left and right
Obstacle avoidance
Emergency adjustment of speed - emergency stop
Carrying pillion passengers
Sidecar/ trailer towing
Traffic lights
Safe distance
Anticipation and reaction to hazards(including dealing with emergency vehicles)
Pedestrian and rail crossings (rail where possible)
Socially responsible riding/driving
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