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Driver Safety - Fire Safety - Health & Safety

Based in Waterford, Preferential Safety offer a number of crucial services, jeep and trailer, rigid truck, articulated truck and Bus. We offer driving courses and training.


ESDS Driver Training

The aim of ESDS is to create, promote and maintain a culture of safe and responsible driving for those behind the wheel of any emergency services vehicle.


The rigid truck lessons can equip drivers with the crucial skills and level of knowledge needed by those wishing to have a career in the driving of HGV’s.

Preferential safety

Driver Assessments

Driving for work not only presents risks for the driver of the vehicle, but also to fellow colleagues and other road users, in addition to pedestrians.

Preferential safety

Safety Courses

Paddy Russell of Preferential Safety has decades of experience in providing a comprehensive range of safety courses ideal for use in many commercial environments.


4X4 Severe Weather Training

This training course is aimed at voluntary and statutory emergency services to ensure safe driving in off road terrain during hazardous weather conditions.



Preferential safety can offer customers RoSPA training and prepare them for a RoSPA examination.

Our Services

  • Car Lessons

  • Jeep & Trailer Lessons

  • C1 Light Truck/ambulance lessons

  • Rigid Truck Lessons

  • Articulated Truck Lessons

  • Bus Lessons

  • ESDS Driver Training

  • RoSPA Advanced Driving Training

  • 4x4 Operator Training (LANTRA Award)

  • Winch Operator Training (LANTRA Award)

  • Advanced Driving & 4x4 Severe Weather Training

  • Load securing Training

  • Driving for Work Driver Assessments

  • Fire Extinguisher Training

  • Emergency Response Team Training

  • Fire Training

  • Emergency Services Driver Training

  • Abrasive Wheels Training

  • Breathing Apparatus Training

  • Manual Handling Training

  • Compliance Basis Training

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About Us

Preferential Safety was founded and is run by Paddy Russell. Paddy is an experienced emergency services driver and instructor who holds a RoSPA International Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction. Paddy previously worked in the fire service for 38 years, working as a station officer and training officer in Waterford Fire Station. Upon retirement from the fire service in 2014, Paddy decided to focus on his passion for driver safety by establishing Preferential Safety. For 12 years, Paddy had been providing an experienced, reliable service across Waterford and nationwide.

Licence Categories

  • BE – Jeep & Trailers

  • C – Rigid Truck

  • C1 – Light Truck / Ambulance

  • C1E - Light Truck / Trailer

  • CE – Artic / Ambulance Driver Training

  • D1 – Bus

  • D1E – Bus / Trailer

  • D – Bus